Marian Goodman Gallery

Robert Smithson

5-8 Lower John Street, London W1F 9DY
Face masks must be worn and hand sanitiser must be used upon entry. 

Please note there is a maximum of 5 guests at one time in the video space

To ensure we care for the health of our staff, exhibition participants, and public visitors, in addition to meeting the new legal requirements, we kindly reserve the right to refuse entry or request visitors to leave the gallery if the correct physical distancing, face covering requirements are not followed. We thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance with the different measures we are undertaking to ensure a safe and comfortable visit to the gallery.

Please read the following carefully before completing your booking.
•       Booking Information and Contact Tracing. A full name, email, and mobile phone number is required to complete each booking. This information is required to be retained by the gallery for 21 days to meet the government’s contact tracing requirements.
•       NHS QR Code for Covid-19 Contact Tracing. In addition, the UK National Health Service (NHS) QR code is displayed at the entrance to the gallery for all guests to record their visit as part of the national contact tracing database. We encourage all guests to scan the code and complete the information before entering the gallery, in addition to the contact information required to book a visit. Since 24th September, the NHS mobile app is available to the general public - see here.
•       Temperature Checks. To ensure the safety of all visitors and staff, temperature checks will be mandatory before entry to the gallery. If any guest has a temperature equal to, or above, 38c, entry to the exhibition will not be permitted. All staff and exhibition participants will conduct the same temperature checks every morning, in addition to completion of a Covid-19 questionnaire, and will not be permitted to remain on premises if an elevated temperature is recorded or Covid-19 related symptoms.
•       Covid-19 Symptoms and Travel Abroad. If any guest intending to visit the gallery has any reason to suspect Covid-19 symptoms, please follow government guidelines for social isolation (see here) and postpone or cancel your visit to the gallery. If making a booking with a friend(s), please ask your guests about potential symptoms before arrival to the gallery. If guests have travelled outside of the UK within the last 14 days, please ensure you have fulfilled the current government guidelines for social isolation as appropriate (see here). As part of our check-in procedure, we will ask you to confirm a number of Covid-19 questions before admission. 
•       Face-Coverings. The use of masks or face-coverings is compulsory at all times in the exhibition. 
•       Travel to Gallery. We recommend guests travel to the gallery by walking, cycling, or private car. If using public transport, taxi, or ride-hailing services like Uber, please follow government guidelines to wear a face-covering and maintain physical distancing.

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